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We pride ourselves on building some of the most affordable "Best bang for the buck"  hot rods, race cars, bikes and power producing toys for you to enjoy.  2018 is going to be an AWESOME YEAR!

We can build you anything you can dream of, from full on Modern Coyote or Hemi Powered V8 Street Cruisers and AWD 4x4's to Tuner Cars, Sand Rails and Motorcycles of All Kinds!

Take a look at a few of our creations, built right here in the Northeast, outside Cleveland Ohio:


This is a 1968 F100 that we've Repowered with a 2014 5.0L Coyote V8 and a Six Speed Paddle Shifted automatic Transmission.


Let us install a Modern Power Train in your vintage car or truck! Contact us for a Reasonable Quote Today!


The Latest Craze in the Automotive World is Growing by Leaps and Bounds! We take Vintage cars and trucks and give them decades of useable, Reliable New Life by upgrading the complete chassis with Modern, All Wheel Drive Hemi Power!  Coyote 5.0L Fords too!

Don't just change that old engine- Change it's soul  but retain the vintage look!

Leave the attitude and character that developed with time, over decades of use! They're only original once and sure- we love painted things but these Patina Covered, Affordable Pro Touring Vehicles are Turn Key!

Reliable and capable of towing across the country! Built to match the budget you're working with. Use your imagination and let's get that project finished! Contact us Today!


Here are some of the latest Engine Swaps By Grenade Motorsports:


A 1972 Camper Special with a modern 5.0L Coyote & 6SPD Electronic Trans as seen above;


Just the same as the famous truck called "Old Blue" A 1968 F100 with modern Power train-

Making HUGE Viewer Numbers on You Tube with thousands of fans!



From Hemi Power to Coyote Power-

Fox Bodies to Mid Engine MR2's or Lexus V8's- We'll make it scream!









Here's a look at some of the latest AWD HEMI Powered Cars and Trucks:



This is an AWD HEMI powered 1941 Chevy Built spring 2017


We Drag Raced the Coyote Swapped F100. I mean- Wouldn't you?

We were the First to Pioneer these AWD Hemi International Truck Builds.

We use 1950-1955 International Pickup Trucks and drop them down on top of 2004-2009 Hemi Durango Chassis for what turned out to be the Most awesome handling, vintage looking, RELIABLE and Powerful trucks built to date.

These aren't 30 & 40K builds- these are Affordable Pro Touring, Fun, Reliable and Easy to Live With Hot Rod Trucks! You can drive these things anywhere!

Take a Look:


This was a 2WD 1953 International R-120 and we Gave it AWD Hemi Power! Tows like a champ!


This one was another 1953 that received the same heart and soul! There is nothing like the Growl of a Hemi in something that is comfortable and reliable!


We threw a 1950 L-110 AWD Hemi into the mix!


Check out our You Tube Channel to see how we built this giant HEMI AWD Monster!



Here's a glimpse into the last several years at Grenade Motorsports- Take a look at a Lexus Powered Maserati Biturbo, a pair of Lexus V6 swapped Toyota MR2's and a few 1000cc Mini Formula Indy cars and even a long travel CBR powered Dune Buggy.

All fast, all fun and you can have anything you want at Grenade Motorsports!


Here 'ya go:

Check These out!!












You can view Most builds on the You Tube Channel Grenade Motorsports!

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